Our service to society

"In Economics the most important decision is how to match Money Supply to the needs of trade, in Politics it is to decide Who Does It, in Society it is to make sure it is done with Human Values"

(Jordi Griera)      @INEVAL1

The performance and the wellbeing of everyone in a company depend on how that company is managed. We think that we have proved that: when a company is managed by a leader who applies the natural values, common to all people, everybody is happier, the company makes more money, and it adapts better and faster to market changes. The "Natural Leadership" born from the application of Human Values is the best Management technique, because employee motivation is born from the innermost human values


Our Mission is to help Companies in their transformation into the most advanced Management System, the INEVAL "Natural Leadership by Human Values" Program.


Our motto is "Motivation, Happiness and Performance through Natural Leadership by Human Values"